Hey there,
my name is Chris Bojanovich

I'm a wedding photographer in Norwalk, CT

A few years ago, I left the corporate world to become a CT wedding Photographer

Back in 2012, life decided to throw me a curveball – you know, One of those moments when your company announces a "restructuring" and everything gets turned upside down. So, I said goodbye to the corporate world and embraced my true passion: photography.

I'm often asked why wedding photography, and the answer is simple. There's no better job than this.I mean where else can you be surrounded by beauty, happiness, love and joy every time you go to work?

I'm based right here in Norwalk, CT, but if your wedding is happening anywhere in Connecticut, New York, or the Hudson Valley, you can bet I'm up for the adventure!

I'm genuinely excited to connect with you hear your unique story, and help you turn your wedding photography dreams into a reality!

After more than a decade of documenting unforgettable wedding moments, I've uncovered what really matters in wedding photography – and that is the raw emotions, the beautiful love stories, and the moments that literally steal your breath away.

In a world flooded with a gazillion photos, it's not about giving you countless shots; it's about preserving the very heart and soul of your special day.

So, here's my game plan: I focus on immortalizing the moments that truly matter. These are the ones that weave your distinct narrative, and I spin them into stunning visual tales that will make your heart skip a beat.

If you're up for an incredible journey, one where we explore the enchantment of storytelling through photos, then let's get on this adventure together.

Together, we'll ensure your wedding moments become timeless memories. Let's make your special day last a lifetime.

Real Stories.

Unreal Moments.

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Every wedding and every couple is unique.
Let’s chat so I can learn more about you, hear your unique story, and help you turn your wedding photography dreams into a reality!

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Every couple I work with receives a custom designed, museum quality Wedding Album to have as an heirloom and enjoy for future generations.

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