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Whitby Castle Wedding | Chris Bojanovich Photography

By far, Whitby Castle wedding venue in Rye, New York is definitely one of my favorite wedding venues in Westchester. You’ll agree with me once you scroll down the page and see Amanda & John’s gorgeous wedding photos. But before you do that, let me tell you why I love it there. Deal? Good. Let’s get to it.

  1. Whitby Castle is a unique & historic building with lots of character.
    1. Whitby’s architecture is quite unique with tons of authenticity and, plus it overlooks a beautiful golf course that makes it even more beautiful. If you’re looking for something unique, different, and elegant… this is the venue for you. Especially if you include a few design elements to make it more “you.” After all, it is your day. There’s tons of space for you to make it yours.
  2. Location, location, location.
    1. Whitby Castle is right in the middle of Westchester County, and very close to all major highways, great restaurants, and nice hotels. It’s super easy to get to, and you out of town guests will enjoy the surroundings.
  3. It’s super peaceful.
    1. No neighbors close by, no sirens, no tourist or city noise. The castle is surrounded by a gorgeous golf course. So it is just for you, your family and your best friends to have an amazing time.
  4. You can get ready on-site or choose a variety of beautiful Hotels minutes away.
    1. As a Whitby Castle wedding photographer, I have photographed tons of Whitby Castle weddings over the years. And because of that, I have photographed a lot of brides & grooms getting ready in an assortment of super cool hotels. There are plenty within a 15-minute drive of the venue. So it’s super convenient!
  5. You can have both your ceremony and reception there.
    1. This is super cool and very different from the typical wedding venue without an outdoor option. You can have your wedding ceremony right on the front lawn with the Castle as the background. Gorgeous! Just keep scrolling down and you’ll see!
  6. Parking is easy and plentiful.
    1. Often overlooked, parking can be a nightmare at some venues. Well, not at Whitby Castle! Plenty of easy parking literally right beside the venue for you and your closest friends. Plus, they offer valet parking. It’s perfect.
  7. The team at Whitby does an amazing job.
    1. The crew running the day is not only incredibly on top of everything, but are incredibly helpful. And at a wedding, when the day is filled with so many emotions, having a great team of people backing you up can truly help you have an absolutely incredible wedding day.
  8. The atmosphere at Whitby is just the best!
    1. What I mean is that the combination of all the above can help you make your dream wedding come true. Go take a tour, and if you’ve already booked it – reach out using the contact form on my website! There’s only one of me, and there’s only one wedding date for your wedding!


Amanda & John’s wedding at Whitby Castle was just perfect! Scroll down to look through their awesome wedding photos. Let me know what you think!

Whitby Castle Wedding | Chris Bojanovich Photography




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