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Hi there! Welcome to my blog! As a wedding photographer in Connecticut, Westchester, the Hudson Valley, and other destinations around the world, I strive to do the best and provide you with best tips, advice and other key wedding information to add value and help you plan an amazing wedding! 

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I am here to give you the piece of mind knowing that I am passionate about wedding photography and that I will do my absolute best to give you the most authentic, artistic and creative wedding photography



Vintage or a black-tie wedding? Discover your dream wedding style with some key questions I’ve put together for you. First, let’s do a little soul-searching exercise. Sign out from Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram, now shut down your computer (and smartphone- you can do it!). Put down all those wedding magazines and get a pen and notepad. Now, find your favorite room, get a cup of tea, or better yet, a glass of your favorite wine. Sit, drink and relax.

Crabtree Kittle House Wedding

Now, ask yourself what kind of couple you and your fiancée are. What’s your style in general? What do you like? Are you traditional? Casual? Or a hipster couple that is up to date on the latest fashion trends? Knowing the type of couple you are is the essence of what your wedding style is all about and it will help you set the tone and setting of your amazing wedding!

Crabtree's Kittle House Wedding

Knowing your wedding style will also make the vendor selection process much easier. Think about it, you have a list of 10 wedding photographers in New York, but you are overwhelmed and don’t know how to choose ‘the one.’ Knowing what you like (let’s say creative and documentary style) will help you automatically discard all those wedding photographers that do not fit your wedding style (e.g., vintage and traditional photographers.) Suddenly, your list has gone from 10 to 3 wedding photographers. You can do the same with the florists, invitations and even the DJ or band. Cool?

Crabtree's Kittle House Wedding

To continue through this wedding style discovery exercise, pour another glass of wine and take a sip, or two, close your eyes and go back to each the weddings you have attended in the past. Imagine you are the bride walking down the isle -did you like the dress? What about the bouquet or the flowers at the church? Write down what you liked. Do the same with the reception; did you like the buffet style or assigned seating? Did you prefer the DJ or the live band? Why? Thinking and writing about why you love each aspect of these weddings will help you craft a crystal clear vision of your wedding style.

NYC Intimate Wedding

This exercise will give you a clear vision of what you dream your wedding to be like. Now you can go online and research for vendors that fit your wedding style, flip through lots of magazines (bridal and not bridal) and see what speaks to you, ask your bride friends (from the weddings you liked) for references. When you meet with potential vendors ask tons of questions and most importantly, have fun!


What’s Your Wedding Style?





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