Fun, storytelling, and Modern Bar & Bat Mitzvah Photography in Greenwich, CT, New York City and The hudson Valley, NY!

photographs matter. they are your visual inheritance

Your kid is about to become a Bar Bat Mitzvah.
13 years in the making and the day is almost here. This a HUUUGE deal!
Let's have this once-in-a-lifetime event photographed...That's my thing!

photographs matter.
they are your visual inheritance

13 years in the making and the day is almost here. Your kid is about to become a Bar Bat Mitzvah and that's a HUUUGE deal!
Let's have this once-in-a-lifetime event photographed...That's my thing!


Your kid is about to become an adult!


Congrats! Let's celebrate it with gorgeous photos that capture the story of this once-in-a-lifetime- event

Let show the world how happy you are!


How do you want to remember this day?


Handcrafted in Italy. We have the most beautiful mitzvah albums to match your kids - or not so kids anymore - personality.

I mean, getting bar/bat Mitzvah is a huge deal! Why not preserve it in time so you can enjoy those memories forever.


Why me?!


Over the past 6 years, I've photographed Mitzvahs everywhere! Dark synagogues, nightclubs, baseball fields, hotels, you name it, I know my way around.

You have nothing to worry about!


You'll love your photos.


I hate photos. I don't feel comfortable in front of the camera. Nine out of ten of my clients (moms!) say the same thing. But, have you seen how relaxed and comfortable the people on my portfolio look? I will guide you and coach you throughout the photo session.

You and your family will look gorgeous. I promise!

A once-in-a-lifetime event!

Let’s capture the story with real, fun and awesome photography.

your son or daughter's bat/bat mitzvah is one of the most important days of your family's life and you should spend the day celebrating. We've got the rest!

this is our proces

bar/bat mitzvah photography pricing

Let's make this really simple

One package. No hidden fees. Simple, honest and stress-free.



this includes:

I have your back!.

From the main entrance through the main events, we’ve got you covered..

Every image is individually retouched and available for you to do enjoy however you would like. Print them as much as you want, as big as you want, from wherever you want.

Your images will be hosted in an online gallery which can easily be shared with friends & family.

want more?

We aim to create dramatic one-of-a-kind scenes inside your synagoguge when one reads from the Torah. After that, we’ll do a one hour portrait shoot.


Time to fill those blank wall with some amazing artwork!

Starts at $495

10X10″ 45-image flush mount album. Bound with full-page edge-to-edge prints, our albums are the best of the best! Custom designed from start to finish. Extra images are $27/img


Gorgeous 7×10″ images printed on the most beautiful cotton based fine art papers in a white museum quality mat.


The prices listed above include a 20% discount if added at the time of booking.


ASAP. Since I can’t “hold” dates or “pencil you in” dates are booked when…well, when they’re booked. Most of my commissions contract me within a year of the event date. It’s easy to predict what will be popular weekends, but not always easy to predict when those weekends will book up!

Online galleries are posted within six weeks of the event date, and this is when your digital files are released as well. If you have printed proofs in your collection, they are available three weeks after your gallery goes live. Upon final approval of album designs, most albums are ready for delivery within twelve weeks.

Mitzvah albums are one of my client’s dearest possessions, and we are so excited to create an albums for you. They’re a tangible, beautiful record of this once-in-a-lifetime-event. We know that life often gets in the way of creating these heirlooms, so we promise to make this process as easy as possible for you! Starting in 2016, we’ve begun pre-designing client albums as a courtesy to you. We will include your album design when delivering your digital files and online gallery. After you’ve had a chance to look at your album, we’ll set up a time to Skype, Facetime, or meet in person to finish your design.

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