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A quick peek into the best wedding venues and tips & advice for having a Hudson Valley wedding.

Over my career as a Hudson Valley wedding photographer, I’ve worked in some of the best Hudson Valley wedding venues. So, I wanted to create some free resources to help you plan your wedding. If you just started planning and haven’t chatted with me yet about being your wedding photographer, these recourses can help you plan your wedding. Of course, any top list of “Best Hudson Valley wedding venues” is going to be 100% subjective to personal taste, but the list below contains my favorite wedding venues in Westchester. Each image in the below grid will direct you to a blog post for that wedding venue. Look at them, and as always, let me know if you have any questions about any of these Westchester wedding venues or any wedding related questions you might want to discuss. No matter where, the size or the day, I want to be your Hudson Valley wedding photographer. Check out the tips & advice Q&A’s below and the link to the top 10 wedding venues in the Hudson Vallery!


Hudson Valley Wedding Tips & Advice

Q: What are some of the best wedding venues in the Hudson Valley?

A: I love many of the wedding venues in the Hudson Valley. Many of the venues are rustic – farms & vineyards, spacious with lots of trees, green and wooden bridges, peaceful and with amazing scenery that make beautiful backdrops for your wedding portraits. Take a look at the Top 10 Westchester wedding venues that I’ve curated at the end of the page.

Q: Hudson Valley wedding venues book very fast! How far in advance should I book my venue?

A: The most popular (and beautiful) wedding venues in the Hudson Valley tend to book very fast! Some with a year or more in advance, so as soon as you know your wedding date, book it! Do not wait on this one! If there is a venue you absolutely love, it might even be a great idea to have a backup date or be flexible on the day. After all, if the Saturday you are looking for is already booked, booking the same venue on a Friday or Sunday might not only be available, but the rate might be lower! Each venue has its own rules with it comes to rates, so it is best to contact the venue’s sales manager early in the process. It is never “too early” to book your venue and the vendors you really want on your wedding date. The same goes for your Hudson Valley wedding photographer – me! If you love my style and approach send me a note to discuss your wedding. I’ve had many couples book me as soon as they have their date and before they find their venue. This ensures the date is reserved on my calendar, and I’ll be happy to point you to the best venues that fit you and your wedding.

Q: Where should I get ready for my Hudson Valley wedding?

A: This totally depends on which Hudson Valley venue you choose. Some of the best venues are all-inclusive so they can offer you a bridal suite for you and your bridal party to get dressed. while others do not. I highly recommend that you find a venue that offers this. It will make for a much peaceful day, you won’t need to rush going around from place to place. If the venue doesn’t have have a bridal suite, I recommend looking into getting a beautiful Air B&B or Bed & Breakfast that has big rooms and windows, rather than a motel or small hotel than tend to have very small rooms with tiny windows.

Q: Where should we take our wedding photos in the Hudson Valley?

A: One of the amazing things about Hudson Valley weddings, is that the area offers plenty of gorgeous locations for your wedding photography portraits. Seriously, we can stop right on the side of the road, walk a few steps and there are high chances that the views will amazing for photos; especially in the spring or fall. Besides, most of the best Hudson Valley wedding venues are Country Clubs, vineyards or rustic farms, so you basically don’t need to go anywhere else!

Q: How many hours of photography do I need?

A: As with many aspects of a wedding, it depends on the wedding details. Most of my weddings tend to be 8 hours, with some couples that want a more “all day” coverage upgrade to 10 hours. Usually, the hours of coverage depends on how much of the wedding reception you want the Hudson Valley wedding photographer to cover. Are you having a Viennese hour or are planning on an especial send-off – like a sparkle exit, at the end of the night? If you are, then 10 hours should cover all that. For now, the most important thing is to lock your Hudson Valley wedding photographer. You can always add hours of coverage when you have a better sense of your wedding day timeline.

Click here for the curated top 10 list of wedding venues in the Hudson Valley

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