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Frequently Asked Questions About CBP

The most FAQ’s About Chris Bojanovich Photography Weddings

When you are considering who to hire to photograph your wedding, there are lots of typical and most common questions to ask. Here are the top questions clients and potential clients ask about my services

How would you describe your photography style?

In essence, our approach to photography is that of a modern and dynamic storyteller. We love the combination of a romantic and timeless look of fine art editorial photography with the raw emotions of photojournalism. We believe in using both natural and artificial light to create unique and creative photography. For this, we combine different aspects of photography into a set of remarkable images. We will direct you when we need to achieve a specific vision, usually during the Bride & Groom portrait session while capturing the stories unfolding behind the scenes with little or no interruption.

Are you familiar with ethnic weddings?

Over the years, we’ve had the opportunity to photograph a diversity of ethnic and religious wedding that include; Christian weddings, Catholic Weddings, Greek and Greek Orthodox Weddings, Orthodox, Conservative, and Reform Jewish weddings, Persian Jewish weddings, Iranian weddings, Chinese and Vietnamese weddings, Indian weddings, Italian weddings, Albanian weddings among others.

Who will photograph my wedding?

Chris Bojanovich is the founder, owner and always the lead photographer for all Chris Bojanovich Photography wedding. We value your photography and the trust you put on us. We will never outsource our photography or just send you an “associate photographer”.

Do you work with a second photographer?

Most of our collections include a second photographer.

Does the second photographer has the same style as you?

Absolutely, our second professional photographers have been personally trained by Chris to match our style.

Do you have an assistant?

Yes! We bring an assistant to every wedding – big or small – and he/she stays for the duration of our wedding photography coverage. The main role of the assistant is to carry our gear so we can give you our total attention. They help us arrange family groupings during portrait time, and they assist Chris to set up lighting equipment during the day. Having an assistant helps the day go smoother and ensures we capture all the important details during the wedding day.

Will you edit all of our pictures?

We color correct all the images we deliver to make sure the color and light exposure is accurate. This means that your images will have a good balance of color and light. However, the images that go into your wedding album (storybook) and wall art will be hand-edited by Chris. These images are Chris’ signature edits and will become your family’s first heirlooms.

How many pictures will I receive?

On average, we deliver 800 images per wedding. We strongly believe in quality vs quantity and we rather present you with 800 amazing images, than 1500 “OK” ones.

When will we see our wedding photos?

Three to Four weeks after your wedding, usually right after you come back from your honeymoon, we will schedule a Preview Session at our studio. This is when you will see your photos for the first time!

Can we get the raw files?

We rarely receive a request for RAW files, and when we do, it is usually from another artist familiar with this format. RAW files are native format of digital cameras and can not be viewed without the use of special software. If you are familiar with RAW files and you really want them, they are available for an additional fee.

Do you provide both, color & black and white photos?

Yes, during the creative and editing process we will select several images and process them in black & white.

What kind of Storybooks (albums) do you offer?

We have partnered with the best of the best album makers in the world. Your (storybook) will be carefully hand-crafted with the most luxurious leathers and linens to showcase your wedding day in a timeless design.

When will we get our album? My friend received her album a year after her wedding from her photographer.

Our promise is to provide you with an exceptional wedding experience and to deliver your storybook (album) in a timely manner. During the Preview Session, we will present you with a complete pre-design Storybook layout. You will have the option to approve the design as-is or make changes to its design (most clients make very few image swaps). Once the design is approved, we will deliver your storybook within eight weeks.

Can we provide you with a list of must take shots?

Although we will work closely with you and your fiancé/partner to create a wedding day photography timeline and a list of family members you’d like us to photograph, we prefer not to work from a photography checklist or “must take” during your wedding day.

Over the years we found that those “must takes” lists, often found on Pinterest or wedding magazines, are counterproductive and will hinder our ability to be creative and produce photographs that are unique to you and your story.

Do you have insurance?

Yes, we carry $1,000,000 liability insurance in case something happens. Most venues require this and we are happy to provide you with a certificate of insurance if your venue needs it.

What kind of equipment do you use?

We use the latest Sony professional cameras and equipment, plus extensive backups. Chris is a gear-head which is great for you since he’ll bring along cool techniques and gadgets that will create unique photographs other photographers most likely cannot do.

How many wedding have you photographed?

We have started Chris Bojanovich in 2014 and we have photographed over 200 weddings. We have photographed weddings in all sort of locations and under various conditions. We have shot weddings at the beach in the middle of a very sunny summer day, we have shot in dark churches and synagogues, we have shot in the snow and in the rain. We have the expertise in both natural light and artificial light. We have the knowledge and ability to create beautiful photographs in any condition. We are honored clients have trusted us to be part of their wedding. We take that responsibility very seriously.

Do we need to feed you at the reception?

Although feeding our team is not in the wedding contract and you are not obligated to do it, feeding our team ensures we stay with you during your whole reception, plus it ensures we are energetic and mobile during the day. So a warm meal is greatly appreciated it.

If you plan to feed our team. It is ideal that we are fed at the same time you and your guest are fed, and not afterward as most venues do. We want to be done with dinner when you are done so we can continue covering your wedding and not miss important events happening.

Additionally, it is very disturbing and really unflattering to photograph you and your guest while they are chewing.

Do you charge travel fees?

Travel up to 60 miles from our studio in Greenwich, CT is included. For weddings outside this range, please refer to our “destination weddings’ section below.

Would you travel overseas for our wedding?

We will be happy to travel anywhere in the world to photograph your wedding.

How much extra do you charge for destination weddings?

Destination wedding travel charge depends on your needs and wedding location. Please contact us here to set up a wedding photography consultation and prepare a wedding collection tailored to your wedding.

What travel fees are required?

The wedding collection we prepare for your destination wedding will include all the fees related to photographing your wedding (flight tickets, hotels, car rental, meals, etc.). For wedding destinations outside the US, we prefer to arrive at least two days prior to the wedding to get familiar with the location and plan the right wedding photography timeline. Getting to your destination in advance ensures that we arrive on time to your wedding day, even if there are flight delays.

Can you hold our date for us?

We want to be fair to all our clients; therefore, to hold and secure your date, we would need a signed contract and retainer fee paid.

We love your style and approach to wedding photography. How do we book you?

Once our availability is confirmed, you just need to sign a contract and submit the retainer fee of $1000. For your convenience, you will be able to make an electronic payment via any major credit card or e-check right from your online contract, or you could send us a check if you prefer.

Frequently Asked Questions About CBP




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