8 Inexpensive Wedding Details That’ll Take Your Wedding to the Next Level

So, you’re planning the gorgeous wedding that you’ve always dreamed of, but you don’t want to break the bank. Let’s talk.

8 Inexpensive Wedding Details That’ll Take Your Wedding To The Next Level

Everyone dreams of having a picture-perfect wedding, but most think that this can only be achieved by spending lots of money on details, decoration, etc. This isn’t true. In fact, things like small wedding details can create a huge impact on how you can WOW! your guest and make your wedding unforgettable. Unless you really want to or if you have deep pockets – or purse, there’s really no need to go above your budget to make your wedding look and feel more expensive. There are so many ways you can pull off that luxury-wedding look without going broke. Read on below.

Aisle Markers

One small detail that most people don’t think about is aisle markers. They make the path heading to the aisle much more distinct, and putting accents can really make a difference. A budget-conscious idea is to tie ribbons to the aisle chairs. If you have the budget for some extra flowers, put those on the pews.

A Gratitude Bag

There’s nothing quite like welcoming your guests with a bag filled with goodies. It’s a sweet gesture that your guests will surely appreciate. It’s been a growing trend in weddings, and while packaged versions of these are pricey, you can cut costs by making them yourself. This is an especially good idea if you have a summer wedding and the venue is outside. You can use the welcome bag to include sunscreen, a pair of glasses, mementos, and maybe a handwritten note if it’s an intimately small wedding. You don’t have to spend much financially, but it will take some effort on your part to do this, and it will all be worth it.

Table Numbers

Sometimes, personalization can give off the impression of luxe. You can easily replicate this kind of vibe with easy-to-make custom table numbers. You can use any kind of cardstock you want if you want to print a picture of you and your partner. If you want a budget-friendly alternative, you can use high-quality vellum sheets that you can easily print on and decorate. They’re versatile enough that they can blend in any kind of theme, and they’re cheap too.

Seating Chart

Hit two birds with one stone by organizing a seating chart for your wedding. Instead of having escort cards, have a seating chart instead. This way, your guests know exactly which table they are assigned to and that you know how many of them RSVP’d to the wedding. Seating charts give off that opulent wedding vibe as it makes the entire soiree more formal. You can even do this with something as simple as calligraphy onto beautiful leaves or rocks. I’ve seen both, and they look very high end and ethereal – especially if you are having an outdoor or beach wedding.


Feeding a crowd can be costly and a traditional seated dinner whether buffet or plated more so. You can definitely cheap out on the dishes so you can save, but one of the highlights of a wedding is the food. If you think your food budget is not enough for the number of guests you’re having, consider having a cocktail reception. Everyone thinks that a cocktail reception is more expensive than a dinner reception, but they’re misinformed. With a little bit of smart planning, you can actually spend less on carefully crafted hors d’oeuvres, champagne, and butlers. The key is to provide a wonderful display at the reception, like a beautifully designed table. When doing a cocktail reception, make sure that your guests know what to expect instead of the traditional seated dinner. A cocktail reception is also a good alternative for when you have limited use of a reception. Seated dinners take at least several hours to finish, but by having cocktails, the time is cut down by half.

Consider Discount Wedding Rings

The most important thing in any wedding should be the marriage of two people and not anything else. Symbols are important too, but you don’t have to sell an arm and a leg to get premium wedding rings for you and your partner. In fact, there are budget-friendly engagement rings that don’t cost much but still look lovely. Unlike what most people think, cheap diamond engagement rings and other jewelry do exist. You only have to find direct jewelry manufacturers. Avoid retailers and wholesalers because their prices are inflated to account for business costs.

Rent a Private Estate

This may sound counterintuitive, but this idea works best for small and intimate affairs. Not all weddings have to be big and attended by a lot of people. Instead of renting an expensive wedding banquet hall or other traditional receptions for the occasion, a private estate is a lot cheaper in comparison. Vacation homes, for example, provide more privacy, and they make the wedding feel more posh.

Personalized Entourage Gift Bags

The bride and groom’s entourage makes up for all the important people in their life, and as such, you can give them personalized gift bags. These can serve as their token of appreciation and a memento of the happy occasion. DIY is a good way to go, but if you have more funds to spare, you can spend on custom bridesmaid gifts or personalized groomsmen bags. You can also opt to include a handwritten note.

Consider More Ideas

The things mentioned above are just some ideas for your wedding. There are a lot more out there, so do your research and feel free to go for the one that works the best for your time and budget. Looking “extravagant” is subjective, after all, so make do with what you think is best. Do you have inexpensive wedding-detail ideas that make these affairs look more posh? Let me know and I will get them right here on this blog post!

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